I tell you everything you need, to THROW FAR



What you get within a session – the keynote

  • You get the missing link, which is holding you back
  • You get exercises to immediate improve your throws
  • From holding the discus to stepping into the ring you get the DOs and the Donts , when you need them
  • You learn from an expert
Gerhard Mayer Leichtathletik Diskuswurf olympische Spiele
THE COACH at Olympics 2008

Every thrower has his or her missing link to improve. Even if you are a worldclass thrower, there is something, which holds you back. If its not the technique, maybe its the style of weighttraining, or just no special power training. You will get a great concept of what to improve.

The first step to improve the technic in the ring is to do a lot of excersises without the discus. Its so important and i work with the concept i learned from Jürgen Schult the World Recordholder with 74,08m.

The coaching is based on 1 on 1 sessions through Zoom. Its simple you just need your phone, a stand and the app Zoom. I will send you the link and the session begins.

I wish it had been so easy 20 years ago to get the help of world class coaches, without travelling around the world. If you know the basic concepts about discusthrow and the whys, your aweful throws will disappear.

EM Silber durch Bil Marinkovic im Diskuswurf der Leichtathletik
Bil Marinkovic Silver at Para Athletics Europeans

My legacy as an athlete:

  • PB 67,20m
  • 2 time Olympian 2008, 2012
  • 8th at Worldchampionship in Berlin
  • 7th at Europeanchampionships in Helsinki
  • Diamond League Starter

My legacy as a coach:

  • 2nd at World and Europeans at Para Athletics 2017 and 2018
  • Qualifier for European Junior Championships
  • Austrian Junior Record Holder
  • Decathlete Olympian 2012
  • Coaching national Level Athletes